The True Impact of Illegal Street Racing

Valentina D'alessandro

Forever 16

#live4val Valentina: founder of Street Racing skillsAs her mom, I work for her as the Executive Director of SRK.My pretty girl, at 16Long hair tinted red, cute dimples funny, pretty, emotionalfavorite snack Jamba Juice, Cheetos & Cream cheese.favorite Restaurant: Panerafavorite home-cooked meal: Broccoli pasta, FettuccineAlfredo, Rajas with rice and carne asada with sour creamLoved to shop: Melrose and any MallFavorite places: Disneyland & Barnes and NobleBorn in Torrance Ca.Traveled to: Napa Valley, Mexico City, Acapulco, Phoenix Arizona, Sedona, Grand Canyon, Vegas, and Palm Springs.2013-2014 Dream trips New Years with Family -Fashion club trip to New York, going to see penguins at the Long Beach Aquarium,Dreams: After graduation backpacking through Europe…..loving life! Friends, Family, and her bunny called Bunny.


Forever 23

#live4bethany On May 11, 2019, I lost my life at the age of 23-years-old because two young men decided to engage in an illegal street racing contest. My daughter Layla was only 6-years-old at the time, she was my pride and joy.  She was my best friends and we did everything together, my little girl will ever understand why I am never coming home. 

I was a mother, sister, daughter, niece and good friend to many.  I was adventurous, enjoyed trying new things, visiting new places and traveling.  I enjoyed museums, hiking, taking long drives or listening to music all day long.  I loved dying my hair unique colors which gave me the nick name “Unicorn”.  I never cared about what others thought, I did what made me happy! My life was my journey and I lived it my way.  I now fly with my own wings and guard my family night and day.             

My Aunt “Lori Argumedo” is the Outreach & Community Relations Director for Street Racing Kills, she joined the organization after my passing.  When she laid me to rest she promised me she would keep my memory alive and that my death would not be in vain. She is passionate about preventing and creating awareness regarding the dangers of illegal street racing and traffic safety among the youth.

Michelle Littlefield

Forever 19

Natalee Asal Moghaddam

Forever 19

Jaiden K. Johnson

Forever 20

Liam Thiago Lagunas

Forever 6

#Live4Liam Liam made everyone feel joy. He was filled with love and shared that feeling with all the people he meet. He had a gentle soul. Liam was my joy for almost 7 yrs. He was a special boy about to conquer the world. Liam had a gift to share, wise beyond his years. He loved life, nature, animals, water and had a smile that was contagious. A laugh that made you feel joyful. His thirst for life was huge. Liam was our Sunshine.

Tony Santillan

Forever 19

#Live4Tony My youngest brother Tony Santillan was tragically taken from us at the young age of 19 in December 2002 because the person who was driving the car he was in decided to race another car! There were a total of 5 people in the car and my brother was killed! Our lives changed forever on December 28, 2002 due to the irresponsibility of one person who decided that it was okay to race another car. My brother Tony had just turned 19 on December 2nd, he had his whole life ahead of him. Tony was full of life and laughter, he was kind, loving, funny and very handsome 🥰 his favorite foods were pizza, KFC and our mom’s spaghetti. He loved riding his bike and spending time with his friends. He would be the life of the party and always can make you laugh. We miss my brother so much and will forever keep his memory alive. ♥

Cerain Baker

Forever 21

#Live4Cerain Cerain and 2 of his friends was tragically taken from us way to soon from 2 street racers on August 3, 2021. Cerain and his friends were in a car making a left turn when 1 out of the 2 cars that were racing against each other, hit them. The car was racing down a 35 mph speed zone at an unimaginable speed. The speed of the cars that were racing was the major factor that took the lives of our babies. This careless act has left us devastated.!!!

Cerain we miss you like crazy. The world will never be the same because you are not here but I know you live on!!! We miss and love you so much. Fly high, my son.
Love Mom

Benny Goblin

Forever 36

#Live4Benny Benny Golbin’s friends recalled him as friendly, positive, gifted, and sweet, which described not only his personality but the beautiful sounds coming from his saxophone.  “If there was anyone I was always excited to show up to a gig and stand next to it was Benny. A rare combination of brilliance, faithfulness, kindness, gentleness, intelligence, humility, and warmth. Everyone loved laughing with Benny and listening to him play a burning soulful solo.

Durrell Aaron Coley

Forever 10

#Live4Durrell Durrell Is my son. I never get to hug him again, at 10 years old he is gone forever because 5 adults decided to street race. Durrell was upfront with no seat belt on. The car he was in was overtaking a vehicle then he lost control and went through a field. The car started flipping and my baby was thrown from the vehicle. He was with someone he trusted. And he was definitely abusing that trust. Durrell loved to play football. He was so fast and he would have made it. He wasn’t embarrassed by me. I just miss him. Please live for him. He doesn’t get that chance.

Timothy Ogden

Forever 34

#Live4Timmy  Timothy Timmy I called him was a kind forgiving soul who never took a side in an argument and if he did you never knew it .. when it came to family at least. He was always trying to help everyone.. He was kind caring compassionate and a very sincere child and that is what he always was to me .. My first baby .. I was the older sister and his mom was only 14 when she had him .. so my mom and i had him most of the time till he was 10.. He had my heart from the day he was born … He loved learning.. loved art and music .. and culture.. I dont think Tim ever made an enemy on this earth… The morning I found out he was gone it was like someone reached in me and ripped my heart from my chest.. there is a big gaping hole there now..I dont know how to go on .. but I need to tell his story i know he would want me to …. An illegal street racing event took his life from me from us… he was 34 starting a family and getting married to his high school sweetheart this year.. now the worst feeling is the emptiness…. not knowing hes on this earth anymore is killing me inside… He is my Angel always was always will be ….