SRK Programs

We are a non-profit organization that is passionate about creating awareness regarding the dangers of illegal street racing and traffic safety among the youth and our communities.

SRK programs

We actively give speeches and presentations at high schools, colleges, and community events. 

Our effective and heartfelt programs go beyond driving school in regards to awareness. 

Our youth and community traffic safety programs include video and PowerPoint presentations by victim speakers, awareness materials, police officers, emotional testimonials, role-playing activities, and a car crash display

The Fast & Fatal SRK Programs

Teen Traffic Safety Assemblies
  • Victim Speakers
  • Awareness Videos
  • Crashed Car Display
  • Police Officer Q&A
  • Awareness Giveaways
  • Reenactments 
Go Beyond Driving School
  • After School Teen Traffic Safety in partnership with a variety of youth traffic safety organizations will touch on all subjects of traffic safety
  • Illegal street racing and reckless driving, Distracted Driving, Impaired Driving, Hit and Run, Pedestrian Safety, Road Rage, Teen Driving Mental Health
Teen Traffic Safety Senior Project
  • Student Instructions Agenda
    • Provided by SRK, Crashed Car, Victim Speaker, Police Officer, PSA’s choose from, Awareness Materials, Pizza, and drinks.
Teen Traffic Safety Virtual Events


Val's Respect the Road Scholarship

During the months of March and October (On Teen Drivers Safety Week). Our scholarship committee will be working on awarding Drivers Education online and at the wheel to outstanding students who have participated in our Respect the Road Teen Traffic Safety Program and Summit.

Reckless Driving Intervention Program

This program is a behavior-based driver safety program where we mentor and work closely with individuals who have been charged with felonies or misdemeanors due to reckless driving.

STREET RACING KILLS creating awareness regarding the dangers of illegal street racing and traffic safety among the youth.

Teen Traffic Safety Assembles
Go Beyond Driving School
Teen Traffic Safety Senior Project
ZOOM Youth Traffic Safety Events
Police Officer Speaker Q&A
Awareness Video / Awareness Giveaway
Provided By SRK, Crashed Car, Victim Speaker, Police Officer, PSA’s to choose from, Awareness Materials, Pizza and drinks
Schedule a live Teen Traffic Safety event, hosted on ZOOM by victim speakers from different traffic safety organizations including Lili Trujillo SRK Founder

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