Val's Respect the Road Scholarship

SRK Program

During the month of October for Teen Traffic Safety Week, our scholarship committee will be working on awarding online Drivers Education and at the wheel training to outstanding students who have participated in our Respect the Road Teen Traffic Safety Summit, Highschool Assemblies and SRK Events.

About the Scholarship

SRK is committed to developing the next generation of safe drivers. In hopes of further propagating safe driving amongst teens with our Val’s Respect the Road Scholarship program. Teens are all at a disadvantage as driving programs are not offered anymore at high schools, behind-the-wheel awareness and training are extremely important and legally required before licensing. Therefore “Funding” for online and behind-the-wheel driver safety programs will be provided for foster and all teens that apply for the scholarship and complete the SRK Requirements.


Once application is submitted you will be invited to join the Respect the Road Teen Traffic Safety event. You must attend in October to be considered for the scholarship (For Foster Teens: Supervisors or advocates can submit application as well)

SRK Val's Respect the Road Scholarship applications must be received by the SRK Committee at least 1 days before the event

After SRK Teen Traffic Safety Summit or event is completed, you will have one week to submit an essay from  a reckless crash story which will be provided to you by the SRK  Team 

Email Essay to:

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