Every donation supports our youth teen traffic safety programs, Val’s Respect the Road Scholarship, and all our SRK events.

SRK is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2014 by Lili Trujillo after her 16-year-old daughter Valentina was killed by a young man who was street racing.  Our mission is to save lives by mentoring and creating awareness regarding the dangers of illegal street racing and traffic safety among the youth and our communities.

Each contribution will help us mentor and educate our future drivers.

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Provides Val’s Respect the Road Scholarships & SRK Programs 

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Provides 6 Val’s Respect the Road Scholarships and events materials 

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Teen Traffic Safety Assemblies – Awareness video, staged crashed car, victim speaker, Q&A with a police officer, and giveaways.  

Go Beyond Driving School – Afterschool teen traffic safety program 

Teen Traffic Safety Senior Project – SRK will provide an agenda, crashed car, victim speaker, police officer, awareness material, and pizza party. 

Respect the Road Virtual Youth Traffic Safety event for Parents and Teens  –  In May and in October during Teen Driver Safety Week. Live teen traffic safety event hosted on Zoom by speakers from multiple traffic safety organizations to include SRK. 

Val’s Respect the Road Scholarship

SRK is committed to developing the next generation of safe drivers. In hopes to further propagate safe driving amongst teens with our Respect the Road Scholarship program. Funding for online and behind-the-wheel driver safety programs will be provided for foster and disadvantaged youth who might otherwise not have an opportunity for this extremely important, and legally required, training prior to licensing. Our scholarship committee will be awarding scholarships twice annually based on need and students participation in the SRK Respect the Road Teen Traffic Safety Events  

Reckless Driving Intervention Program – Street Racing Kills

This program is a behavior-based driver safety program where we mentor and work closely with individuals who have been charged with felonies or misdemeanors due to reckless driving. Our goal with the individuals in the program is to mentor and increase awareness about the dangers of reckless driving to prevent future crashes and fatalities on our streets due to this behavior. This includes Street Racing, Speeding, Weaving in and out of Traffic, Tailgating, Burn Outs, Ignoring stop signs and signals, Driving Impaired, Takeovers, Doughnuts, etc.